Costa Blanca Rentals and Holidays – Cheap and easy to book flights and airport transfers, good internet access and a huge choice of Costa Blanca rentals has meant that an ever growing number of people are now booking their own holidays in the sun. They are finding that it is quite easy to build their own package holiday with more choice and value than was previously possible.

The Costa Blanca – Sun, sand and sea are what most people think of first when you mention the Costa Blanca, and there is certainly plenty of all of those, however the region really does have lots more to offer the discerning tourist and there is plenty to discover if you get away from the bustling coastal resorts. The Costa Blanca covers some 200 km of the south-east coastline of Spain and includes some of the best known resorts in the country.

Finding a Flight – Booking a cheap flight on the internet is cozyturtlerv child’s play and can be completed within a few minutes, however take a little time to look around for the best deals and maybe try one of the price comparison sites as prices can vary wildly and you may as well get the best deal possible. I would suggest you don’t book your flight just yet and wait until you have booked your rental property. The location of your Costa Blanca rental will determine your destination airport – Alicante is best for the north and central area of the Costa Blanca, Murcia is better for the southern resorts.

Choosing a Location – The choice of location for your holiday will depend somewhat on the type of holiday you are seeking. Is it a quiet, relaxing holiday, a touring holiday, a late night partying holiday or a family holiday with the kids? Check out some of the excellent information sites on the internet or read a decent guide book and be sure to look at a map as well, some Costa Blanca rentals are advertised as “near to the beach” but you may have to hire a car to get there!

Finding a Suitable Property – Searching for your perfect holiday rental property can be fun and rewarding. The internet is a huge resource for available properties and you are certain to be able to find something suitable with just a little effort. You should also be able to find plenty of information about your chosen resort and places of interest to visit while you are there. Because there are so many Costa Blanca rentals available you will want to be very specific in your searching, look only for properties in your chosen location and investigate street maps etc to make sure the property is near the beach, amenities or whatever is your preference.

Booking – When you feel that you have looked at enough potential Costa Blanca rentals, you will want to make a note of the best properties, you can then check availability on required dates, negotiate the cost and discuss a deposit. Before you pay anything, re-check flights for availability and convenience of time and then when you are satisfied you can pay the deposit. When confirmation of your booking arrives it is then safe to book your flights.

Alicante and Murcia Airport Transfers – Depending on the location of your holiday property in relation to your destination airport, you may need to organise an airport transfer. This can be easily done online and there are a number of companies providing this service. Give then the exact address and location of your holiday property and get an accurate quote, you can then rest easy that you will be met at the airport by a friendly face and taken straight to your accommodation.

Preparing for Your Holiday – The old style package holidays didn’t just consist of rooms, flights and transport, most of them also included some sort of itinerary for your stay, perhaps some sightseeing and organised trips. You can also do this for yourself and once again you can use the vast resource of the internet. Search for some tourist information on the area and check out recommended attractions, you may even be able to pre-book tickets, also you will want to find a good road map to help you find your way around and to locate beaches, commercial centres and other facilities.

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