Bathroom Furniture That’s a Pure Indulgence

Imagine if money were no object. What would you do in your home? Would your bathroom be top of the list for remodelling – and what would you put in there?

The real high-end in bathroom furniture includes a £4,795 vanity unit, crafted in ebonised mahogany and marble, and inlaid with mother of pearl. Then there are the bathtubs. We found huge, solid pieces of Amazonian rock crystal, hewn to create a large, luxury bathing space, and hand decorated roll top baths from Mayfair Art of London: traditional baths covered in between ten and fifteen thousand hand cut pieces of gold and silver leaf, mirror pieces, and Swarovski crystals.

And the theme continues with sanitaryware: chrome plated porcelain basins and toilets from Jamal Wright shine with striking, metallic colours, and there’s a whole range of sanitaryware from the same designer that’s covered in hand-applied Swarovski crystals.

Maybe you’d opt for one of these, or a similar, unique designer piece. Perhaps, though, you’d go for something more practical: installing a home spa is something that many people would love to have the money to do. If money were no object, would you dedicate a whole room to sauna and steam therapy; design a wet room; choose a top of the range cast stone bath in which to luxuriate?

And how about bathroom furniture? There’s no point in having a luxury bathroom that looks untidy – so you’ll need somewhere to stash your (expensive) bathroom products. Some of it will look fabulous on open shelving, while cupboards and drawers will undoubtedly be practical for containing the rest.

Handcrafted items in solid wood look gorgeous and exude a beige ottoman luxury, top-of-the-range style. Designing a bathroom around several pieces of beautiful, real wood bathroom furniture will lend elegance and style to a room. And buying handmade furniture from sustainably managed forests helps to preserve and extend an ancient craft, giving it modern relevance, while through the sustainable growth and use of wood, we can play a part in maintaining a future for our woodlands.

Bespoke bathroom furniture may be beyond many of our reach at the moment, price-wise: it’s cheaper than you think if you set a budget and choose sensibly – but to give your imagination free rein and truly get what you want could cost many thousands of pounds. In return for your outlay, though, you get a bathroom that’s perfectly designed to suit your requirements, in which your day-to-day life is easier and more fluid. No niggles, no pieces that don’t fit quite right or don’t work as well as you hoped.

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