In today’s world, electronics and interaction with other people are second nature. Generation X is all about communication and connectivity with what’s important. It’s no wonder that games are starting to become a great way to blend real life with fun and in a fun way. No matter what your interest there is a game out there to blend fun, gossip (chat), and even integration of learning tools into a game that is enlightening as well as a blast to play! Belle’s Beauty Botique is one of the popular games that are sweeping the nation today amongst people wanting to get the feel for owning their own boujee business, running it, taking care of clientele, and playing a fun game that also generates money through a gambling and gaming platform.

In the Belle’s Beauty Botique game you get to be in control. You get to fulfill your cosmetology and entrepreneurial dreams in a virtual way that feels very rewarding and enjoyable. There are an amazing amount of challenges, features, and potentials here that will keep you entertained. You may find yourself addicted to playing it too as it is one of those games that truly helps you grow as a person and learn to multitask (as you would in any real world business venture!). The game comes in various formats and mediums that give you a choice when purchasing it. You can, of course try it out first and you will learn in the trial what the full paid version consists of. It can be purchased or tried online as well as purchased at book stores.

The beauty of this games format is it can appeal to a large variety of people and personalities. You can use it to play entrepreneur or you can use it as an advanced and challenging chat room (gossip as you sit in the chair as a customer or even a hair dresser!). When it comes to advanced and more entertaining chat rooms this is one incredibly innovative way to go. If you love to gossip, and you enjoyed the movies about the barber shops then you will absolutely enjoy the benefits of this game. There are even interactive features built into every part of the game so you’re not just playing a computer, you’re talking to people, meeting new people and sharing insights. It’s a lot of fun and the next generation of gossip!

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