Many people think of tiles as of the old boring squares that you place on the kitchen wall to keep it from getting dirty while cooking. Well, that might have been true years ago but nowadays tiling is very fashionable for many areas in any home: bathroom walls, floors, ceilings, kitchen, pretty much any room in the house can be decorated with beautiful tiles.

Here are a few more common types that you can use to enhance any room at home with the color and size of your choice.

Carpet – These are are better than sheet carpet because if anything goes wrong, a tile is much easier to replace than the entire sheet. This includes being overly worn, stained or damaged.

Ceramic – This is maybe the typical type everyone is associating with the word ’tile’. There are many different colors and varieties which are a far cray from what ceramic used to be previously. You have them in standard size but if you need them in a particular size, they can be cut easily by the shop specialist. Except square you can also easily find oblong, diamond, hexagonal, interlocking curved and several other shapes to choose from. They are usually fixed with a strong glue that keeps them in place.

Linoleum – Everyone remembers this material either from the old home of their parents or grand parents. At some point everybody seemed to have linoleum wood flooring on their floors. Nowadays though it is again in fashion and you can find it in tile sizes. The main ingredients are cork, wood or linseed oil. There are many colors that you can easily find to enhance the flooring in your room.

Cork – This is a very popular flooring finish that can also be easily used for walls. For the floors you use a bit thicker size than for the walls, however you will use the very same technique for installing both. One of the reasons people like to have it around is because it keeps noise away. Of course it also gives the flooring or walls a nice warm feeling that enhances the decor of any place.

Terracotta – Terracotta is a rather traditional material to lay on the floor and it mostly comes in warm colors, ranging from brown, red and similar. If you are thinking between ceramic and terracotta for your floor, terracotta is less likely to crack. Ceramic will damage easier. Also it has a mat non slip surface that prevents slips and falls.

While there are many more types that are available, these are the most common ones that people go for when they want to change the interior decorating of their home.

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