How to Get Rid of Hand Dermatitis Effectively and Fast

Ten percent of the population suffers hand dermatitis. This skin condition usually affects hands, fingers and back of palms. Often, this is characterized by red and dry skin that progresses to the development of bumps and pustules and fluid filled vesicles. Scaling, cracking, swelling and weeping of the area is also observed. Pain can start from mild and intermittent that may progress to severe and persistent pain. This can also affect the forearms and feet.

Nu skin Dermatic Effects To treat hand dermatitis, first step is to determine the cause of the problem. Each case may differ in etiology. This condition is common among the industries of cleaning, catering, health care, hairdressing, mechanical and metal works. The best way to get rid of it is to avoid exposure or contact to the specific irritant or substance that irritates your skin. Protect your hands from detergents, soaps and scouring powders by wearing water proof and cotton lined gloves.

Wear these gloves also when peeling and squeezing oranges, grapefruits and lemons. When gardening and working on paints, paint thinners and polishes, heavy duty gloves should be used. When doing hand washing, use lukewarm water with mild and non-irritating soap. For instances, refrain from wearing rings as they can worsen the case and harbor irritants beneath them. It will also be best to consult a dermatologist for an advice. Usually, crams and ointments containing steroids are prescribed. These are effective anti inflammatory medications that aids in eliminating the disease.

With the provided information, you now can get rid of hand dermatitis fast and effectively. Work on these and the basics of adequate nutrition, body hygiene and effective stress management, then, you’re on your way on eliminating t his skin concern.

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