Because I am a small business owner and part of my job entails working closely with co workers, contractors and clients, I have to frequently share documents with all parties involved. Sometimes I am just unable to get a file to someone even though I try to keep abreast with the increase of bells and whistles available. The majority of the times I am trying to race against time and usually this would result in a “life or no invoice” scenario. Now and then I would ponder about my corporate days when I could do this with ease using the intranet. Things were a lot easier then. What is stopping me from having an intranet setup and what is the cost involved?

Some of the tech persons may be saying that it is ignorance that makes a small business owner ignores the availability of an intranet in their business. A next set of persons may know all about the intranet but worry about the price involved to implement the setup. Then lastly, there are some persons like myself who needed the intranet badly but was in the dark about its existence.

I was enlightened and amazed at a piece of intranet software when a fellow small business intranet owner added me to there intranet network. The application is superb; you can create a virtual office involving several users and also created storage capacities all of which you define. It has tons of options and the interface is very professional and sleek which your collaborators will surely enjoy working with.

All of the users on the intranet are given their own private working space and also have the ability to access a public working space. All of the permissions defined can be set by the administrator. Features include A Shared Calendar, Shared Contacts, Shared Task list, Shared Documents and a personal email account for each user. This makes an ideal working environment that your users will love and it will make your business flourish

I recommend that any company, whether large of small should have there own bespoke intranet network. Without this you are not only putting your company at risk, but you are also showing a potentially unprofessional side of your business to your clients. Instead of throwing your

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