It only takes a little research and a bit of money and you can be taught about the prophetic gifts by experienced people, have the gifts imparted and be supervised as you walk in them in the marketplace. You can fly out to a school or have a prophetic evangelist come to your church for a small donation. What do you want to do?

There are many people on the Internet if you take the time to search that can teach you the three prophetic gifts, impart them, and then supervise you as you do practical Request personal prophetic word evangelism in the marketplace. Let us look briefly at the gifts and how they apply to witnessing to strangers in your city, be it Sydney or the USA.

The effect of Word of Knowledge in prophetic evangelism

We all know that the woman of Samaria who was drawing water at Jacob’ well thought Jesus was a prophet as soon as He shared a Word of Knowledge naming how many husbands she had been with, and the fact that she was living with a man that she wasn’t married to at the time she spoke to him.

Nothing has changed today. When you share a Word of Knowledge with a total stranger right away you have their attention. In prophetic evangelism word of knowledge serves to let a person that you are sharing with that you are a very spiritual person.

It is important that you let a total stranger know that you are not on the other side, (A psychic or clairvoyant) but you are a Christian that has a prophetic gifting.

A word of knowledge is essentially information about a persons past or present day circumstances that you would not ordinarily know. They can be very effective as a way for God to heal a person, as He goes on with a prophetic word of wisdom or prophecy.

The effect of Word of Wisdom in prophetic evangelism

Word of wisdom can be confused as pastoral counsel and many ministers who have the prophetic gift use pastoral counseling rather than something more perfect as a Word of Wisdom.

In the Old Testament a King would come to a prophet as they were going to go to war and they would ask a prophet should they fight, or make peace. And if they are to fight does the LORD God have nay strategy foe them to use.

The prophet would come back with a Word of Wisdom. The word of Wisdom was yes you are to fight and this is exactly what you are to do. Therefore a word of wisdom can be best explained as a directional word off God that if you follow it to the letter you will have success.

A word of wisdom in prophetic evangelism might really help a person greatly in a hard decision. One time the Lord told me to tell a man not to look for another job because he has a really bad boss, and that he would be promoted to another place in the company in six months if he stayed. A word of wisdom if followed is perfection. People you minister to on the streets through prophetic evangelism are very happy to receive them, even if they are decisions that are hurtful for them to make.

The effect of personal prophecy in prophetic evangelism

Personal prophecy simply fills up the gaps between the words of knowledge and words of wisdom. Sure prophecy sometimes speaks of a persons future and this can be very helpful to a person, but a prophecy might not come true if the people do no obey the words of wisdom in the message.

It is important therefore if a message has words of wisdom in it, for you to tell the person that they need to act on those directions off God in order for the predictive part of the prophecy to come true.

Taking the earlier example, the man needed to stop looking for another job and stick it out in his company until the new job came up that he can apply for away from the boss that is giving him the hard time. The Lord told him the reason he had a bad boss was so he would learn from the bad experience so that he would be a good boss when himself became a leader.

Rick Joyner a father of the prophets says that he would never take steps to obey words of wisdom found in a prophecy a stranger sent him, unless the prophecy has substantial words of knowledge in it.

This is true of all prophecy. Anyone can make up a great future or a person and say they have to do this and that, and it be a false prophecy, but without supernatural help they can’t get words of knowledge right.

The three gifts work together and the God of the Universe is capable to give you all the gifts and plenty of exercise in them.

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